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Unknown Trailer

Hello dear trailer builders,
This is André Guenther from Berlin/Germany. I need some help to identify an unknown tandem trailer from the seventies or eighties. The trailer comes without any papers/title and any other information’s.

I´m about to get a new title for it and it would good to know which manufacturer originally builds the trailer.
There are stamped letters like “Paschen 731” on the frame but that lead to no result and the VIN-Code TIF00397L192TRL has not enough digits. Maybe it´s not the VIN-Code.

I also tried to scratch the paint from the frame to get the manufactures name. Until now without result.

The most important thing is: How much load can the frame handle?

The four tires are Tow-Masters F78-14ST with max load capacity of 1385 Lbs each. If I added the capacity of each tire, I get 5540 Lbs. I assume that the real load capacity of the frame/trailer is about 5000Lbs.

You may ask: Why you don´t buy a new trailer with title?

Answer: If you want to get an approval for your US-Trailer in Germany, you have to swap axles, breaks, wheels and coupling. Because I own a 1986 Chevy I want to keep the car/trailer combination in style. That's why the whole effort. The mechanic parts are worn-out anyway but the frame is still in good shape.

If anyone knows something about this trailer, please let me know. It would be very helpful for me.

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